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Seed Forum investor pitch trainings are the world-leading investor pitch trainings provided by Seed Forum. More than 2000 start-ups has so far taken part in Seed Forum investor pitch trainings in 40+ countries. You may register for a See Forum investor pitch training without any further obligations, but to present in a Seed Forum investor forum the prior participation in Seed Forum investor pitch training is obligatory.  In a Seed Forum pitch training you will learn how to pitch a 6 or 7 minutes complete investor pitch to investors as well as a 30 seconds investor pitch and a 10 seconds investor WOW-pitch.  You will learn about investor-mind set, value drivers which are the arguments to invest in your company, how to present persuasively, networking methodology,  negotiation techniques with investors and much more. You must prepare a draft presentation for investors in Power-Point before you attend the training if not the training will not work for you. At the training you should bring your lap-top so you can work to improve your pitch during the training. All Seed Forum investor pitch trainings is a 1-day training from 8-12 hours. All pitch trainings are executed in English with some local exceptions.

The trainers in Seed Forum investor pitch trainers are all former successful entrepreneurs or Business Angels among others the founder of Seed Forum and worlds best pitch trainer www.steinarhoelkorsmo.com.


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